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Discovering Intelligent Design is a comprehensive curriculum that presents both the biological and cosmological evidence in support of the theory of intelligent design. It equips young people and adults to critically analyze the arguments in the debate over evolution and intelligent design, and it encourages them to follow the evidence wherever it may lead.

Developed for middle-school-age students to adults, the curriculum includes a textbook, a workbook with learning activities, and a DVD with video clips keyed to the content of the textbook. The curriculum also includes a free online companion containing chapter outlines, short videos introducing each unit, and quizzes for each chapter. The curriculum is divided into six modules that explore topics such as the origin and development of the universe, the origin of biological complexity, the fossil record’s evidence (or lack thereof) for universal common descent, and the broader cultural debate over intelligent design.

The Discovering Intelligent Design curriculum is designed for educational use by home schools and private schools rather than public schools. When this subject of intelligent design is forced into public schools, it tends to generate polarization, transforming the topic from a scientific investigation into an emotional, politicized debate. However, the use of this curriculum should not be restricted to formal educational environments. It is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about the world around them and discovering the scientific evidence for intelligent design.

Discovering Intelligent Design was developed by homeschool educators Gary and Hallie Kemper and scientist/attorney Casey Luskin. The curriculum is published by Discovery Institute Press. For more information, contact cscinfo@discovery.org.